Gold bar list

All of the Trust’s gold is held by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“JPM”) and HSBC Bank plc (“HSBC” and together with JPM, the “Custodians) except when gold has been allocated in the vault of a sub-custodian.  In such cases, the Custodians have agreed that they will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly (at their own cost and risk) transport the gold from the sub-custodian’s vault to their own vault premises.

Bar list


Please note that on December 17 2013 the daily gold bar list changed. A smaller font size is now used which will allow for more gold bars to be listed on each page - resulting in a shorter bar list document.

The ounces of gold listed on the daily bar list may differ from the ounces of gold listed as owned by the SPDR Gold Trust (the “Trust”) on the website due to timing differences in trading and settlement.  The bar list includes ounces of gold on a settlement date basis, while ounces shown on the website are on a trade date basis.  The custody agreements with each of the Custodians provide that  all of the Trust’s gold is held in allocated form at the end of each business day.

Current Inspectorate Certificate

The GLD gold bar count is certified by Inspectorate International Limited.

To view a copy of the current certificate of the GLD gold bar count conducted by Inspectorate International Limited, please see below:

HSBC Inspectorate Certificate

JPM Inspectorate Certificate

Inspectorate Previous Certificates

Other notes