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Important Information (Updated August 29, 2014)

World Gold Trust Services, LLC, as sponsor of the SPDR® Gold Trust, or the Trust, filed a Consent Solicitation Statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on June 19, 2014 with respect to a proposal to amend the Trust Indenture of the Trust. The shareholder voting period has been extended to October 17, 2014, subject to early termination of this Consent Solicitation, including if the consent of Shareholders holding 51% of the Trust's outstanding Shares has been received for the two proposals, or the extension of the voting period at the discretion of the Sponsor.

Your vote is important.

Please click HERE to view the Consent Solicitation Statement.

If you have any questions about this Consent Solicitation, please contact our solicitation agent Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., toll-free at +1 (855) 601 – 2254. Please note that you will be subject to toll charges if you are calling from outside the US, Canada or Mexico.


As an asset class, gold is unique. The economic forces that determine the price of gold are different from the economic forces that determine the price of many other asset classes such as equities, bonds or real estate. Gold offers investors an attractive opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

SPDR® Gold Shares (GLD) offer investors an innovative, relatively cost efficient and secure way to access the gold market. Originally listed on the New York Stock Exchange in November of 2004, and traded on NYSE Arca since December 13, 2007, SPDR® Gold Shares is the largest physically backed gold exchange traded fund (ETF) in the world. SPDR® Gold Shares also trade on the Singapore Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). For more information, please click on the appropriate country flag above.